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Priyanka and Shahid hit rock bottom again?

Looks like ex flams Priyanka and Shahid have once again hit rock bottom. Accoring to latest developments, the duo are avoiding each other and their staff is making sure that they don’t run into each other. There was this brief period of time when Shahid Kapoor was by Priyanka’s side, supporting her, and helping her in times of dire need when she was mouring the loss of her dear father. But seems like everything is done and both of them have parted ways.

An onlooker said, “It seems something went wrong in the past few days. The two were present on the sets of a reality show over the weekend. Shahid was there to promote his film while PC was there for Zanjeer. Priyanka was also busy shooting for her item song in Ram Leela. She instructed her staff strictly to call her to the reality show set to shoot her portions only when Shahid exited.”

While Priyanka’s friends refuse to believe the rumours, in her defense they say, “No, there is nothing wrong between the two. Priyanka is working on a tight schedule and she didn’t want to waste time. She would come to shoot her sequence only when the others were done.”

Well, if the two have issues, they can definetely sort it out. What;s more important is, Salman Khan’s cameo in Shahid’s upcoming movie, Phata Poster Nikla Hero. As a way to thank the superstar, the cast and crew of Phata Poster Nikla Hero has decided to sport Being Human’s t-shirts. Says Shahid, “I play a Salman fan in the film and wore those T-shirts while going to the sets. It was very gracious of Salman to shoot a scene for us.”

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