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Deepika Padukone breaks down on the last day of Ram Leela shooting

Deepika Padukone is in a very happy and relaxed state of mind, these days. The gorgeous actress, who is growing with every film, is tasting success, success and only success. Over the years, she has won admiration of critics and people from the film industry, as well.

The latest to shower praises on Deepika is none other the man, who is not known to be very generous with compliments, filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Reportedly, on the last day of the shooting of Ram Leela, Bhansali showered lavish praise on the girl. Apparently, there was an intense scene which Deepika mastered with much ease. The filmmaker was so touched by her performance, that he couldn’t keep himself from complimenting her in front of everyone.

This compliment got Ms Padukone all emotional.

According to sources, “Deepika has put in a lot of hard work in Ram Leela and hearing the praise from Bhansali on the last day touched her deeply.”

Apparently, Deepy’s character in Ram Leela is named after Bhansali’s mother and therefore his praise mattered a lot and was all he more dear and special to the actress.

It is heard that initially, Bhansali was very strict with Deepika Ram Leela and has scolded her at many instances while filming the movie. But now, a meaningful compliment has made all the hard work worth it.

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