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Sunny Leone To Learn Hindi For ‘Jackpot’

Non-Indian divas have always messed up with the Hindi language in Bollywood movies. Katrina, Nargis, Amy Jackson and Sunny Leone are to name a few. These actresses make it tough for viewers to understand what they are trying to project. But dedicated ones who falls in love with Bollywood and its fame takes lessons on Hindi lingo. And this time its Sunny Leone.

A Hindi-Urdu tutor has been hired to polish up Sunny’s fluency in Hindi so that she is able to speak her own lines in her upcoming movie ‘Jackpot’.

Kaizad Gustad, the director of ‘Jackpot’ is facing this for the second time. ‘Boom’ which introduced Katrina to viewers had to go through a dubbing process for the dialogues of Katrina Kaif. But now Sunny Leone have decided to learn Hindi for Kaizad Gustad’s ‘Jackpot’.

The director says, “Sunny is the only female character in Jackpot. And I hope to display her acting chops. We’re reading the script every day. She will do her own Hindi dialogues. We’re working on it every day. She is really one of the hardest-working actresses I’ve worked with. Just like Katrina. When Katrina came to Mumbai she didn’t know a word of Hindi.”

The movie also features Makarand Despande projecting the role funny twisted Konkani cop. The director added, “It’s basically a conflict between Sachiin Joshi and Bharath with Sunny Leone pulling a fast one on them, and Naseer pulling a faster one. I am raring to finish. I’ve a lot of films to make. I am making three uninterrupted back-to-back films in the next one year.”

Sunny Leone seems quite serious and dedicated to learn Hindi. The actress says, “I have learned all my Hindi lines for all my movies here. Even though Jism 2 was dubbed, I still had to learn every single word. And in Ragini MMS too I will be dubbing my own voice. It’s very important to me to learn and work hard to get it right. I am extremely competitive so when someone tells me I can’t do something like act, dance, express emotions on screen, or speak Hindi, all it makes me do is work harder to prove all those negative people wrong.”

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