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Meet the characters of Satyagraha

With just one day left to its release, we are all eager to know what Satyagraha is really about. Is it based on another political family like Raajneeti? Or is it just fighting for a noble social cause like Aarakshan? Not all of us are lucky enough to watch the premiere, not all of are free enough to watch it first day first show, and well the rest of are students or have busy work life! Hectic, I know. But here’s something to calm our nerves. A sneak peak into the characters described by the stars themselves!

kareena kapoor

Yasmin Ahmad or the Nawab wife, portrays the role of a news journalist working for ABP news. Exciting! I always wanted to be a new reporter, but never mind that. She reports the harsh reality of life and reaches out to people in need and Ha! There, she said it! She is the only glamorous person on the set. Vanity is one of the deadliest sin Kareena!


Ajay Devgn

Well, we always need the rich guy! He plays the role of Manav Raghvendra, a rich business tycoon with a heart. He lost his father and is on the road to recovery when he finds a father in Dwarka Anand portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan. Though he not very pleased by Manav’s work, they talk it out and burn the bridges.


Amrita Rao

A lonely widower. Not really lonely with so much going around, but she definitely misses her partner in life who also happens to be Dwarka Anand’s son. Well, she doesn’t mope around and is well educated and knowledgeable and knows when and how to fight for herself. Way to go girl! 

Manoj Bajpai

Ah. A badass. How can any of Prakash Jha’s movies be complete without the villain and who better to play the role than Manoj Bajpai? For him, life is a true game of politics and he is there to make the best of whatever he can while he the power to. Ambitious enough to not feel threatened and to voice his opinions. Out and Loud!

Arjun Rampal

A gunda with a kind heart! Wait, or a gunda with ulterior motives? A move well played by the producers and directors of the movie. While everyone’s characters speaks and gives a gist about their role, Arjun’s introduction doesn’t say anything at all. If you guys remember, even in Raajneeti his role was very twisted and impulsive. Same thing again? We hope not!

amitabh bachchan

From everyone’s descriptions, we get to know a little about Dwarka Anand and his relationship with other members. But who is Dwarka Anand? Just a normal school principal? or a man of deep principles and morals? One thing is sure, he can definitely take the country by storm!

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