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Women should be more careful, says Hema Malini

The recent Mumbai gang rape has witnessed the whole country’s anger, and rightly so. However yesteryear actress and BJP MP Hema Malini has an advice to share with all women, but, if not taken in the right way, ruffle some feathers.

She said, “Women should be more careful. I will only say that don’t take it very easy and just go anywhere you like – you will be caught! Be aware that anything can happen. So, you should protect yourself. There is nobody else who is going to come. Like, for Draupadi’s case, every time she was depending on Lord Krishna and he was always coming and helping. Today we are not so spiritually evolved that Lord will come and help you, you have to protect yourself.”

At a time when women in the country are demanding more protection and safety for themselves and a change in perception of the mind set of the public, do you think Hema malini’s words will be taken in the right way?

What are your thoughts on this?

The photojournalist was allegedly raped by five men in the Shakti Mills compound where she had gone for an assignment for a magazine in which she was interning. All the five accused have been arrested by the police.

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