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Scamsters pose as Ranveer Singh and ask girls for Bikini pictures

Siddharth Roy Kapur, the CEO of a leading production house must be used to many aspiring actresses trailing him at parties and everywhere but a similar situation took an unusual illegal turn recently.

According to a source, there was a sudden rise of aspirtants contacting Siddharth at parties and asking him whether he had received the bikini pictures they had sent him through Ranveer Singh.

“A person posing as Ranveer Singh would talk to aspiring actresses on social networking sites about opportunities in films. Later, the person would tell the starlets that Siddharth has requested pictures, with specifications of images of them wearing bikinis. To prove authenticity, the imposter would forward the email conversation that purportedly happened between him and Siddharth. In fact, the imposter of Ranveer also assured the models/actresses that if they sent the required pictures, he will set up a meeting with Siddharth and they won’t even need to audition for a role. Fake email accounts with the celebrity’s names were created to fool the aspirants,” the source explained the imposter’s modus operandi.

Ranveer Singh himself was too puzzled by those messages he received asking him about the pictures and he eventually got in touch with Siddharth Roy Kapur to address the issue.
Ranveer confirmed the incident, saying, “I’ve been plagued by the nuisance caused by imposters on social networking sites for some time now.”

Kapur told TOI, “Yes, this is extremely disturbing. We have filed a complaint with the cyber crime cell in Mumbai and the matter is currently sub-judice. I am just glad we got to know about this sooner rather than later, else this imposter could have duped many more people from the industry.”

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