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5 Prakash Jha movies you ought to watch

There has not been a movie directed by Prakash Jha which failed to succeed at the box office. The movie might not be a blockbuster (which is very rare) but it sure as hell is critically acclaimed and much talked about movie.

best of Prakash Jha movies

You know those times? When you are just too confident and sure about yourself, whatever decision you make just hits jackpot? Well that’s exactly what happens with Prakash Jha all the time. Not only has he directed the movies listed below, he has also produced them and they were all blockbusters. We just can’t wait for the release of Satyagraha to see what magic he has done!


32866794653557139817Mrityudand is based in a fictional village in Bihar and sheds light on social and gender injustice. The story revolves around Ayub Khan and Madhuri Dixit and how their life gets turned upside down by the cruel Mohan Joshi. Ayub who was once a loving husband is influenced by Mohan goes ashtray and begins to ill treat Madhuri and from here begins her journey of survival and justice


Gangaajal_posterHere’s a political thriller by Prakash Jha. The story revolves around an IPS officer (Ajay Devgn) who fights the corrupt politicians with his corrupt police force. Ajay Devgn serves the society and follows law to an extreme length. He serves Justice but mostly tries to do it by the ways of law.


ApaharanSomething that’s very constant in Prakahs Jha’s movie is Mr Devgn! He might be his lucky charm and Bihar must be his favorite place. The story revolves around the estranged relationship between a father and his son. Like the name suggest, they story also revolves around a kidnapping which goes wrong.


RaajneetiAnother mind blowing political drama by Mr Jha. The movie is rumored to be based on current Gandhi family and their journey in politics, but hey, they are just rumors. Nobody has ever confirmed it. In the world of dirty politics, there are no close relations. There’s only one thing and that’s power. And that’s what the movie is all about. Every one, from Nana Patekar to Ranbir Kapoor to Manoj Bajpai has cruel intention.


AarakshanAarakshan isn’t exactly a political drama raising fingers at the then political state. It raises questions on the less talked about but the very important issue of caste based education system. The movie takes us through a journey of how unfair the system is how we must take a stand to protect ourselves. It was refreshing to watch Saif Ali Khan portray the character of a hard working lecturer.

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