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Take a look at the fun and feisty side of Amitabh Bachchan

Our original ‘angry young man’ Amitabh Bachchan has a fun and feisty side too. And that was quite evident on the sets of Satyagraha.

Big B was seen harmlessly bullying his young co-star Amrita Rao.

It so happened that Amrita Roa was coolly munching away on fruits, unaware of her surroundings. After a while, despite spotting Big B, Amrita continued to munch her food not bothering to offer the elderly actor. This didn’t go down really well with Amitabh and hence since then, on each occasion that he spotted Amrita eating, he ensured to harmlessly taunt her about the past incident. Poor girl Amrita had to regret not sharing her food with Big B till the last day of shooting.

Catch the video below:

The super experienced Amitabh Bachchan knows pretty well, how to lighten the mood even during the shooting of a serious film like Satyagraha. The film is set to hit theaters this week, August 30.

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