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Shahrukh Khan explains his daughter Suhana the idea of a perfect man

Superstar Shahrukh Khan was a perfect boyfriend, is a perfect husband and a perfect father too. Well, that’s what his wife Gauri Khan always says – He is a perfect family man! The actor often tells his daughter Suhana that her boyfriend should be just like him, that’s if she decides to date someone someday.

“I am a good man to love. I am very decent, loving, educated and caring. I would tell my daughter, that if she was to find a boyfriend, apart from my anger sometimes, she must find a boyfriend like me,” Shahrukh Khan said.

“If I can say this to my daughter, then I can say this to every girl,” added the 47-year-old.

Shahrukh is often referred to as the epitome of love, as he had portrayed a romantic heroes in most of his films. Presently, the actor is riding high on the success of his latest blockbuster Chennai Express.

Finally taking an off from his hectic schedule, SRK decided to spend time with himself and his loved ones, on Friday.

“Dedicated the day for rehab of shoulder, mind and heart. Been pushing all three too hard,” he posted on Twitter.

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