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A Quickview Into Madhur Bhandarkar’s Life on his birthday

An unconvetional director, script writer and producer, Madhur Bhandarkar turned 45 today. On this day we, the team of Bollywood Celebden would like to pay tribute to his great film-maker.

This exceptional film-maker is concerned with the quality of his movie. Doesn’t matter to him if his movies doesn’t make a profit over 206 crores. He is a national award-winning Indian. His movies such as Chandni Bar, Page 3, Traffic Signal, Fashion and Heroine won National Awards. Beat that!

Madhur’s life wasn’t a bed of roses. This great film-maker worked in a video cassette library and he made it his school where he studied film-making. He worked as an assistant with small film-makers initially and finally worked as an assistant to Ram Gopal Verma in Rangeela, which was his first cameo also. Madhur tasted his first box-office success with critically acclaimed Chandni Bar and there was no looking back after that. His movie Fashion, won National Awards for Best Actress and for Best Supporting Actress. Madhur Bhandarkar also added Gangasharan Singh Award to his National Awards gallery.

Madhur Bhandarkar wasn’t born with a silver spoon. He had to work hard for his living. He must have obviously seen a lot in his life. Some of his movies got inspired by his life itself. Traffic Signal, Bar girls and film stars were a part of his life. Struggling is one of the most important phases of life. If you succeed to survive, you will shine.

Bhandarkar shined with bright colours. He is being considered as one of the top film-makers in this industry. You must have noticed that in most of Madhur’s movies, the main character is female except in the movie Jail, where Neil Nitin is the protagonist. He said in an interview, “My movies are not exposes, maybe they just hold up a mirror to society. My movies are not judgmental; I just show what happens in our society, sometimes there could be a solution and sometimes there may be none. Life goes on.

Off-beat movies are not accepted by most people in Indian society. But these are only movies which introduces us to the reality. The time when such movies will start breaking 200 crore records is when we know that we have developed our mindset too. Embrace realism in movies guys! paxon } else {} else {

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