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Amrita Rao and Kareena Kapoor bond on the sets of Satyagraha

Ex flames can never be friends that’s given. But two ex girlfriends can definitely be friends. And that’s exactly what has happened on the sets of Satyagraha between the two hotties, Kareena Kapoor and Amrita Rao.

When Shahid and Kareena broke up, rumours were that it was because of the apparent closeness between Amrita and Shahid on the sets of Vivah. Post Shahid and Kareena’s break-up, this was the first time where Amrita Rao and Kareena Kapoor were working together. Any awkward moments between the two? Nah!

Amrita in an interview with a leading daily said that the work relationship between herself and Kareena was great and both of them hit it off pretty well sharing great rapport. Speaking about co-stars, she confessed that Shahid is one of her favourite co-star, she said, “Shahid and I almost started our careers together. We shared a great working energy. And much as people would like to believe, I would qualify him more a co-star than a friend. He has a good sense of humour, is moody who can sometimes be quiet on the set and sometimes rag me. He has always helped me as an actors”

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