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5 serious roles played by Kareena Kapoor

Here’s a blast from Kareena Kapoor’s past. She started her career back in 2000 making her debut alongside Abhishek Bachchan in Refugee. After that she took every role that was offered to her, from off beat to unconventional to romantic to scorned, she did every role with perfection. With so many years in the industry, one would surely have some regrets, but not Kareena, she doesn’t has any regrets. For her every day is a new day and every role is a new challenge which she enjoy.


This was her first movie. But looking at this scene, it does not look like she was a newbie, even for one bit. She gave the movie her best shot and she gave us such a powerful and dynamic performance. Well, Abhishek wasn’t too bad himself but Kareena was mind blowing!


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Yes that’s correct and boy! Kareena Kapoor proves that in this movie. She lashes out on Priyanka Chopra and saves Akshay Kumar from her evil whims and fancies

Kyon Ki

Once again, Kareena is back with a performance which leaves a long lasting impact on the viewers. She plays the perfect nerdy doctor who falls in love with her patient. Not bad at all. And then when she loses her patient, she also loses her mind.


A woman of substance, that’s what she is in real life and in Kurbaan. She does her best to save a country which gave nothing to her but pain. But then again, she had to do it for humanity.

Agent Vinod

A serious role, with a humorous side. Though Kareena is the tough agent in this movie, she isn’t moody or mean. She’s just practical, straight forward and cheerful. Who wouldn’t love an agent like that?

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