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Shahrukh Khan Talks About OUATIMD

The clash between Chennai Express and OUATIMD was pre-assumed. Shahrukh Khan recently talked over an issue regarding sharing of screens. The actor said that UTV made way for Balaji so that there could be a fair competition but Ekta’s mother , Shobha Kapoor still seems to have some issues left. The OUATIMD producer expressed grave disappointment with UTV over screen sharing.

Shahrukh informed that the desired screen space was given for OUATIMD. The actor revealed, “We had booked single screen theatres for two weeks. A desire came from Balaji that look we are coming on August 15 and can you give us some theatres. I don’t do the business, UTV said we will give you 40 to 50 per cent screen space which we did.”

Sharukh Khan further added, “Our film was earlier supposed to release on Thursday, it then got shifted to Friday, a week means seven days and everyone has the right to run their film for seven days. So seven days got over and we gave them the theatres on Friday. If there is an issue or complaint about this, I think it is little unfounded”.

Shahrukh requested the makers of OUATIMD to postpone the release date of their film to August 15th to avoid a clash with ‘Chennai Express’ on EID. Shahrukh Khan said, “I think sometimes when you talk about the business part then you start taking my name because I stand for the business part of Red Chillies or I am the face of this film. I don’t think there is any reason, as far as UTV is concerned, to have an issue with Balaji. As far as I am concerned I was not part of the business”.

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