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Dating is cool, says Vaani Kapoor

Vaani Kapoor, whose debut film “Shuddh Desi Romance” is about conflict between love and commitment, supports dating culture and says it should not be confused with sex.

“I don’t think that dating leads to sex every time you like somebody or wanting to know somebody. I don’t think we should be backwards when it comes to dating,” Vaani Kapoor said Wednesday while promoting “Shuddh Desi Romance”, which is coming out Sep 6.

“Everybody dates these days. Like you get to know someone before you end up getting married, committing for a lifetime relationship. So dating is cool, date as much as you want, get to know the person,” Vaani Kapoor added.

However, one should have a set of principles while dating.

“There are some principles you always abide by and live with, have your conscience clear. As long as you know you are not hurting anybody, I don’t think there is any issue with it,” Vaani Kapoor said.

Directed by Maneesh Sharma, “Shuddh Desi Romance” also stars Sushant Singh Rajput as the male lead, besides Parineeti Chopra.


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