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4 best comedy scenes of John Abraham

One day to go and then we can treat ourselves with lots of popcorn and drool over the hot looks of John Abraham in Madras Cafe! His perfection is so unfair! He can portray any character and look like he’s showing his real side to us. Be it the cop in Paap or the dangerous biker in Dhoom. Everything about his acting is so real! He nails the steamy scenes with perfection and it’s just not with Bipasha! He can romance a street light and convince us that the street light loves him back. An added bonus would be his humorous side which makes his comic timing perfect!


Garam Masala

John Abraham and Akshay Kumar have the power to make us laugh just by their facial expression and tense body language. There’s something about their pairing that ticks us of, well in a fun, comical way. This particular scene from Garam Masala where both of them first fight to pay the bill and the fight to dodge the bill is hilarious!


Desi Boyz

It has always been like this between John and Akshay. Their love/hate relationship is what makes them so funny and special. First he instigates John to ask Deepika out, then from a little while he enjoys him getting punched and then saves the day!


Housefull 2

John Abraham and Shreyas Talpade both in one scene? It has to be a funny one! What ups the funny quotient of this scene is Jacqueline’s ever so dramatic eyes her blown out fishy lips and her crazy Hindi with a a tinge of God knows what accent!



John’s expression are just too epic in this scene. He goes from being a mai mard hoon to mujhe visa chahiye in approximately 5 minutes!

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