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Ranbir Kapoor’s Love Ki Ghanti of Besharam is ripped off from an Italian song

Plagiarism has always been recurring topic when it comes to Bollywood. Scripts, scenes, music and sometimes an entire plot is casually picked up from any part of the world, a hint of Bollywood flavour is added and voila!

Now, it’s Lalit Pandit who’s come under the spotlight for his latest song ‘Love Ki Ghanti’, of Besharam which stars Ranbir Kapoor.

Love Ki Ghanti has the same beat and rhythm as ‘Bella Ciao’, an italian number of the World War II which consisted of anti-fascist lyrics. A different version of the song was recorded for music researchers by Italian folk singer Giovanna Daffini in 1962. Though Lalit Pandit doesn’t deny the similarity between the two mentioned songs. But that doesn’t give him any credit whatsoever.

In the Besharam song, Ranbir Kapoor who portrays the role of a shameless car mechanic tells his friends about his experience with a girl he has a crush on! And the girl is Pallavi Sharda.

This isn’t the first time Lalit Pandit has been accused of plagiarism. He was earlier accused of lifting the ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ tune from a Pakistani song.

Check out ‘Bella Ciao’ below and decide for yourself if it is the inspiration behind ‘Love Ki Ghanti’

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