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Firoz Nadiadwala – Rajkumar Santoshi Fight Continues

An affidavit has been signed by Rajkumar Santoshi to oppose the anticipatory bail plea of Firoz Nadiadwala. The duo had various legal issues against each other.

A pre-arrest plea has been applied by Firoz Nadiadwala declaring that the accusations were nothing but a false misstatement of his actions. Firoz’s version of story was that he entered Santoshi’s house to claim the money that he owed and he had no other option but to take this kind of action as Santoshi refused to answer his calls. But Nadiadwala confessed that it was only because he wanted his money back.

And as expected Santoshi denied owing money to Firoz. He spoke against the pre-arrest bail plea of Nadiadwala defining it to be an attempt to hurt the filmmaker deeply. The director said that Nadiadwala was threatening him even in the presence of his cook and watchman and thus he had to take legal action.

The court has registered the hearing of the bail plea on August 24th.

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