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Chennai Bans ‘Madras Cafe’

An actor’s had work is reflected on Friday. And this friday, the dedication and hard work of John Abraham will be put to test. His upcoming movie Madras Cafe is all set to get released.

Readers maybe aware that ever since the film was announced, it has been in the centre of one controversy after another. And with the release of the film this week, it has already attarcated its share of controversies by facing a ban in Chennai. In an attempt to put an end (read ‘solve’) to all this, John has issued the following statement…

Readers are well exposed to all the controversies regarding the movie. Right from the day of announcement of the movie, Madras Cafe have been under a bright limelight of altercation. And now when ‘Madras Cafe’ is about to get released, the movie has been banned in Chennai. To put an end to all issues in Chennai, John Abraham pleaded, “I would like to urge all of Chennai to support Madras Cafe as a film and release it as it is a credible film made with a lot of heart and gives audiences something novel to be entertained about, vouching and encouraging cinema.”

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