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5 Bollywood celebrities who fill our everyday lives with a dash of drama

They may be pretty popular, for all we care, but these Bollywood celebrities can really be a pain to watch most of the times. We do like that little touch of drama, but as they say, too much of anything is bad, and we wish a few of our celebs would get this right. From their excessively dramatic acts to stupid remarks, these drama queens literally get on our nerves. We bring to you 5 Bollywood celebrities who fill our everyday lives with a dash of drama.

Rakhi Sawant

Ms Sawant has to be No.1 on our list, especially for her shabby behavior. One can actually call her the epitome of a drama queen. From her in-your-face dramatic lines to super cheesy dialogues, this lady never shies away from speaking her mind and sure knows how to make headlines. Call her whatever – loud, clumsy or maybe boorish, but we have to admit, beneath all that plastic, she’s one hell of an honest woman. Nevertheless, drama just can’t be spelled without her! Right?

Poonam Pandey

Can anyone tell us why this lady is so self obsessed? Clicking pics of her semi nude self and uploading them on Twitter… Like really!!! Remember during the 2011 Cricket World Cup, Poonam had made nationwide news with her announcement to strip if the Indian cricket team brought home the trophy? Oh My God! After this incident, practically a nobody until then, Poonam Pandey did get her fifteen minutes of fame!

Sherlyn Chopra

This wannabe actress can go to any extent to make her presence felt. Sherlyn surely knows how to stay in the news, and always manages to raise eyebrows, be it her dressing and sizzling off or on screen shots and words. The actress became the talk of the town when she appeared on the cover girl of Playboy last year. And then the recent nude pic of herself covering her assets with a coffee cup. Can someone please, like PLEASE tell Sherlyn to stop making a fool of herself!

Mallika Sherawat

Looks like this babe sure suffers from Attention Seeking Syndrome. Imagine kissing a live Python at Cannes Film Festival just to promote her movie Hiss? Really Mallika? We know your Bollywood movies sold for just that one reason, but what if that python decided it wasn’t content with the kiss? And then there are those kinky dresses moments. And oh! Who can forget those atrocious comments she made about her own country, India! Oh how she loves being in the spotlight. Miss wannabe queen!

Kamal R. Khan, aka KRK

This guy is totally crazy! Did he actually call himself the next SRK? Apparently, the Bhojpuri film actor and a contestant on the third season of Bigg Boss reality show thinks he is more popular than Shahrukh Khan. Hahaha! Known for his ridiculous comments, anger issues and arrogant behaviors, Kamal R. Khan screams the word DRAMA! He is ridiculously funny on twitter, though.

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