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Salman Khan helps his first girlfriend Shaheen Jaffrey’s niece!

Once a friend, forever a friend! Atleast that’s what Salman Khan follows. Everybody knows his generosity level when it comes to his near and dear ones, the actor does not leave a stone unturned when he’s got to help them. Once you’re in his friendlist, you’ll always have his love and support. He’s still friends with his ex-girlfriends Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali and Katrina Kaif.

But not many people know that he’s still in touch with his first girlfriend Shaheen Jaffrey. The couple used to go out when they were in their twenties but split up due to reasons unknown after a long relationship. They still remain friends though and the actor helped her niece Kiara Advani (Shaheen’s sister Genevieve is Kiara’s mother)to sign a movie. Kiara Advani will be making her debut in Fugli. 

An insider reveals, “Salman wanted to launch Kiara but the Fugli producer Ashwini Yardi is a close friend of the actor, so it’s all, as they say, in-the-family. 
Kiara’s family is pretty close to Salman and he has been mentoring her for quite some time. Even though she’s debuting in an outside production, he is still her mentor. Ashvini has kept him in the loop about everything. He is very clear that he is emotionally invested in this newcomer’s career and is being very protective and proactive. He wants Kiara to do good projects and is watching over her like a guardian angel.”



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