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5 songs featuring John Abraham

With the release of Madras Cafe right around the corner, lets treat ourselves with some John Abraham extra bonanza! John has tried out everything there is in bollywood to try, well except for directing movies but who knows? He might wear that cap soon! But as of now, we would like to focus on his past and enjoy some of his songs


Subha Hone Na De Full Song

This is one crazy party number. John Abraham and Akshay Kumar portray the perfect bachelors in this song but Bruna Abdullah just sizzles! Well all three of them do look hot but John and Bruna take the trophy home.



Owh! What a song! This is the perfect break up/heart break song. Too much of emotion was put in this song. This is the song that would make you cry if you were already in that mood. Or rather, help you cry and get over things.


Dil Samundar

An amazing song bringing back all the amazing memories. Garam Masala was truly an amazing movie. Akshay Kumar and John Abraham’s love/hate relationship is at its best in this movie.


Party On My Mind

Here’s another party number that will automatically make you dance. Deepika and Jacqueline sizzle and set the screen on fire and ohmyGod! What can we say about John and Saif! Lord bless them!

Aala Re Aala

There’s just something about this song that sets you off. Manya is a badass! But who cares, he is hot!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);}

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