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Bollywood celebs reveal their grand plans to celebrate Raksha Bandhan

Our Bollywood celebs may have gone the Western route in many ways – dressing up like them, eating and even talking like them, but there’s one thing that was, is and will always remain in them and that’s the Indian culture and values. Bollywood has given us innumerable films revolving around brother-sister bonding. Not alone on reel but in real life too, our actors don’t shy away from playing the perfect siblings. Today being Raksha Bandhan, our B-town stars have revealed their plans as to how they would be celebrating their day.

Sidhanth Kapoor

Bollywood celebs
“I would say it is the most special one, we are best friends. I am possessive about her as she is so pretty and talented. We share a very emotional relationship. Since, we both are working on Rakshabandan we will probably get some time out and do the Rakhi festival and maybe catch up for a movie or something. I am planning to give her lots of cupcakes as she has been loving cupcakes these days.”

Sushant Singh Rajput

Bollywood celebs Sushant-Singh
“I have four sisters and this is probably the first year when none of them will be around me as I am busy with my film promotions. I remember I was fed up of giving them gifts every year so I decided that I would tie a rakhi to them and they would give me gifts instead. I was so thrilled because I got lots of presents!”

Parineeti Chopra

Bollywood celebs
“My brothers Sahaj and Shivang are my best buddies today. I don’t feel the age difference anymore because they are so grown up! Rather than having a traditional affair, I’m just going to go out for a pizza with them.”

Arjun Kapoor

Bollywood celebs
“This Rakshabandhan, I am going to be busy with my film’s shoot in Chennai. My sister Anshula and I have always spent time with each other on this festival, so I will ask her to fly down for the day.”

Huma Qureshi

Bollywood celebs
“Since I will be away shooting in Rajasthan, Rakhi will be without my brother Saqib this year. Since the past few years, he has been getting me chocolates which he later eats himself. His real gift to me is love, care and concern. In more ways than one, he has been like my elder protective brother rather than my younger sibling.”

Yaami Gautam

Bollywood celebs
“This time I plan to go back to my hometown, Chandigarh to celebrate this festival. My brother is the youngest member in the family. I get very emotional tying rakhi on his wrist. Earlier, my sister and I used to pamper him with loads of presents but now it’s vice-versa. The best present was when he drew a beautiful picture of the three of us. It was a very sweet and touching gesture.”

Ranveer Singh

Bollywood celebs
“I will be extremely busy rehearsing and dubbing for my forthcoming film. I will have to make it up to my sisters with some nice gifts some other time.”

Vidyut Jammwal

Bollywood celebs
“My older sister has been my best friend. When I was younger, I would save my pocket money to ensure that I gave her something special which would range from chocolates to jewellery. She would always prepare my favourite sweets on this day. She is settled abroad now and I’m hoping to visit her soon.”

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