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Abhishek Bachchan says Aamir could play ‘good guy’ in Dhoom 4

Actor Abhishek Bachchan says it was an honor for him to work with Aamir Khan who will be playing the negative role in Dhoom 3. He also hopes to work with the perfectionist in the fourth installment of the franchise and says, he could play the good guy.

Dhoom is Dhoom and it’s the third time round. Jai and Ali are back and this time we have Aamir with us! What an honour for any actor to get the opportunity to work with Aamir. You just get to learn so much by just observing him,” the 37-year-old said.

He (Aamir) is so helpful and so caring and giving as an actor that I am honoured to have worked with him. Let’s see, we’ll try and convince him to come back in ‘Dhoom 4’ as a good guy,” he added.

Asked about the trend of heroes playing the bad guy in films, Abhishek said it’s nothing new.

We have had our mainstream heroes doing villain roles for very long. I did it in Yuva in 2004, my dad did it in Parwana (1971). I think heroes have always done it and it’s got to do with the character, it’s not about being a good guy or a bad guy,” Abhishek said.

Aamir Khan recently announced that he’s done with the final cut of Dhoom 3 and the movie is scheduled for a December 25 (Christmas) release.

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