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5 most memorable movies of John Abraham

John Abraham has done all sorts of roles. He first worked as a model and then ventured into acting. He made his debut in Bollywood with Jism. From there on he did not look back and did not stick to any particular roles. He took up anything that he liked and thought was meaningful or if the script was strong enough for him. Here’s a list of the most memorable movie John Abraham has acted in.




The background score is still fresh in our minds. The moment you listen to it, you cannot stop yourself from moving the the tunes of it. Dhoom was John Abraham major breakthrough in Bollywood and it also gave him the permanent visa to stay in Bollywood.


Garam Masala


Garam Masala made us witness the mind blowing chemistry. Not between the male and the female lead but bwteen John Abraham and Akshay Kumar. Everything about their jodi was perfect, from their comic timing to their spontaneity. The icing on the cake would be Paresh Rawal’s dry humour and cherry on top would be Rajpal Yadav’s sarcastic humour.




This was probably the first movie in the history of Bollywood which shed light on the other side of human nature. Whatever Abhishek’s and John’s orientation was, doesn’t really matter because the movie was simply amazing. How can we forget how hot Priyanka Chopra looked through out the movie?


New York


New York was nothing lie his other movies. There were other movies made on the subject of terrorism and stereotyping but there wasn’t a single movie which touched our hearts like this. John Abraham’s character was truly worth the critical acclaim that he received.


Shootout at Wadala


Mera naaaaam, Manya Surve. This one sentence is enough to give you those negative vibes about John’s character in Shootout at Wadala. Everything about his character gave off the the creepy negative vibes that a villain rightfully emits. His sleek back hair, the hate in his eyes and the determination to become a badass villain. Everything is just too evident.

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