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Mallika Sherawat has another reason to detest Indian men

Remember that time when Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat, said that she finds India regressive for the way its men treat women? Oh Lord! This lady now has another personal experience to add to her kitty!

According to a Times Of India report, Miss Sherawat had a horrible experience in Jaipur, Rajasthan, while filming her upcoming movie Dirty Politics. This bombshell was still in Jaipur while the news of her stay got around and then trouble literally knocked at Mallika’s doors. In her case, her hotel room door. Rumour has it that a bunch of affluent, drunk men (apparently well connected politically) came to her hotel and demanded to meet her.

Mallika how ever didn’t bother as she was safe in her room. But the men got aggressive and started knocking on her door and started passing lewd comments asking her to let them in. Panicked Mallika had to call hotel security to kick them out. Post this incident Mallika refused to return to the area to resume the shoot.

Though his incident has not been confirmed by the lady herself but there is another coincidence. Her role in Dirty Politics is of a nurse who takes down a powerful politician. Well, is this just a coincidence or a publicity stunt? We will never know!

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