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Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara – Read on as it happens!

Warning: There may be spoilers!!

11:10 am: The movie takes a drastic turn with some heartbreaks, slow songs, some drama and epic clash between the two gangsters. Find out what happens next at the theaters close to you. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed

10:58 am: He goes on to destroy the sets of the movie in which Sonakshi was acting. The sets gets completely destroyed.. Where the director explains her some stuff about Akshay to Sonakshi and concludes by saying he can’t help her any further.

10:57 am: That’s where Sonakshi explains to Akshay that she thinks of him just as a friend. Akshay goes mad! Get super angry and starts screaming at her and tells her to vanish.

10:56 am: Akshay gifts Sonakshi a house which is at a great height(tallest in Mumbai) from where she could see stars and other stuff.

10:55 am: And Imran’s quest to propose Sonakshi continues.

10:52 am: And suddenly they are all dancing in a pub which looks close to the present generation ones!

10:50 am: Imran goes for a movie with his friends..And while watching the movie, another song kicks in.

10:49 am: Akshay talks about Sonakshi with Sonali

10:46 am: Sonali Bendre is back! And looks elegant as ever

10:44 am: Imran keeps talking about love and stuff to Sonakshi.. He tries hard to propose.. but in vain

10:44 am: Rivals of Akshay plan to ruin Akshay starting off with something to do with Sonakshi

10:28 am: Jumping and sliding from the roof of the buildings they manage to escape the cops and flee.

10:27 am: The plan is executed flawlessly.. and now it’s escape time for the duo.

10:26 am: Akshay and Imran plan to finish off Jimmy. And plan out one hell of a plan.

10:22 am: Akshay gets curious and assumes that Jimmy is involved with the cops.

10:15 am: One of the men named Jimmy, of Akshay’s gang get caught by the cops… where he gets interrogated.. but the cops leave him.

10:10 am: Both Akshay and Imran are falling in love with Sonakshi…

10:05 am: …And the third song begins.

10:00 am: Looks like Akshay is slowly falling in love… while on the other side, Imran takes Sonakshi to chill by the railway tracks.

9:57 am: Imran meets Sonakshi the next day and confesses that he doesn’t know English and gifts her a funny looking pen.

9:55 am: Sonkshi gives a brief speech and manages to win the hearts of the audiences…. After the show, Sonakshi avoids the media and goes off to catch a taxi…. where Akshay comes in and gives her a lift…. They both have a good time together and finally, Aksgay drops her off.

9:53 am: And she attends an award show, where she bumps into Akshay Kumar once again….. There is some good humor….. back to the award function… Akshay bribes the jury and tells them to award the ‘fresh face’ award to Jasmine (Sonakshi).

9:50 am: Sonakshi and Imran meet each other in the night… where she tells him to teach her English… Imran’s broken English is mind blowing….. Sonakshi is trying to establish herself in the film industry.

9:48 am: Imran shows off his dancing skills! During the song, Imran sees Sonakshi for the very first time…. They keep staring at each other for quite sometime. And guess what… Vidya Balan comes in wearing a burqa!!!… That was a blink and miss.. she’s there only for 5 seconds and vanishes…

9:46 am: Akshay is chilling near a beach… where Sonakshi Sinha comes towards him and starts talking to him…. She is apparently new in the city…. Finally some good humor in the movie… And now, the second song of the movie.

9:45 am: The whole team goes and meets Akshay to inform him about the failed plan…. some tension grows…. but all is cool in the end.

9:44 am: Imran calls for a meeting in a cafe! Where he plans to kill someone, who apparently is a big fan of Prem Chopra…. Imran’s team tries to kill that guy but he somehow manages to escape…. Some more shooting scene!!!

9:42 am: But guess what??????? NO bullets.. It was a prank by Akshay! Very cheeky stuff.

9:40: Akshay is seen smoking in almost every scene….. Imran finally gets convinced and shoots his best friend….. Apparently, he kept leaking info to the cops. But backs off at the end.. and shoots himself saying he can’t kill his friend.

9:37 am: Imran and Akshay finally meet, where Akshay tells Imran to kill someone (his best friend)… Imran refuses at first.

9:35 am: He takes some stuff from one of them and saves the very person from colliding with an incoming train!

9:33 am: Some fighting scenes where Imran is fighting with few people in the train…. Imran survives from falling off a train… and some more intense fighting.

9:30 am: Imran Khan is finally here…. He manages to get onto a running train.

9:27 am: Next scene….. A police van is being surrounded by taxis…. In one of them is Akshay, where he meets his love and tells her to be cautious while he is in Mumbai…. and gives her the keys to a flat.

9:25 am: Some more jhakaas dilogues by Akshay on conquering the whole of Mumbai… with some nice background music.

9:22 am: The don is now travelling in a car to some place.. where suddenly a bomb explodes…. Akshay manages to escape the blast without a scratch.

9:20 am: Don calls for a meeting… Where he decides to conquer all of Mumbai… and shows everybody in the meeting why he is such a bad-a**…. and warns all those at the meeting not to come in his way.

9:18 am: The don finally manages to impress Sophie.. and the songs ends at the same time.

9:15 am: Don bets on a batsmen scoring 100 runs.. The batsmen hits the ball high in the air and gets caught out……. Only to find out that it’s a no-ball and…. the first song of the movie begins.

9:12 am: All through the game, the don is seen flirting big time with Sophie.

9:10 am: Next scene, in the stadium, where all the umpires and players wait for the don to come and sit in the stands.The match is fixed from the very first ball.

9:07 am: The kids chill near the railway tracks and talk about their future with the don (Akshay Kumar).

9:05 am: Akshay Kumar chips in with some killer dialogues… and tells the 2 racers to start working for him. Btw, those 2 racers are kids, aged 15 years.

9:00 am: The movie starts off with a drag rac between 2 bikes, where in one bike slips and loses the race at the very end. Looks like it was all planned.

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