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A day from 10 to 5 with Sonakshi Sinha

Shotgun Jr. Sonakshi Sinha is busier than a Bee these days. With less than 24 hours left for her movie, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara to release, the actress has been on her toes round the clock. We decided to join in with her whirlwind schedule.

Her good luck charm!

Sona, before leaving her home, makes it a point to pet her dog, Shirro. Today, she got a little over affectionate as Shirro wasn’t keeping very well.

Happy landing!

The doe eyed beauty is quite comfortable with the Mumbai traffic. While her driver rests behind, the memsaab takes over the wheel, heading straight to a five-star hotel for a TV shoot.

Hello Miss Dj

Since Sonakshi is a happy and bubbly girl, with a lively attitude towards life, her working atmosphere also has to be happy and so she plays some peppy Bollywood tracks to keep her energy levels as well as those around her, soaring high.

Paint me pretty

The friendly person that she is, Sona has a quick laugh with her make-up artist Nilesh Parmar and her hair stylist Sheetal Khan as they do their job. Remembering her dietitians advice on going easy with fatty food, the young actress coolly passed on her aloo-parathas to Nilesh.

Action time

Sonakshi’s assistant fills her in with inputs for the TV shoot, as she hears him out attentively.

Time for some quick touch up

Just before she gets into the groove, Sona goes in for a quick touch up. Now that she is 7 movies old, the actress has learnt to take the make-up brush in her stride.

Letting her hair down

Mixing pleasure with work, Sonakshi has a quick chat with her friend Sakshi and stylist Bhavika, in between her shots.

Hard work pays off

Sona, Nilesh and manager Bhakti seems quite pleased with the shots for the TV show.

Good bye

The energetic Sonakshi looked as fresh as a flower even at the end of the day. Brimming with live and energy, the gorgeous actress makes her way back home.

We wonder what plans she has for the rest of the evening. May be a dinner date with someone special. *wink wink*!

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