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5 Best Hindi Patriotic Songs

Happy Independence Day people! India celebrates 66 years of freedom today. Bollywood Celebden team salutes all martyrs of the Indian Freedom Struggle. Their sacrifice have eventually paid off. India is free and is a more beautiful country now. Corruption is a bad omen to this country but Anna Hazare is trying his best to destroy this bad omen.
Unfortunately, it’s a ‘Dry Day’ all over the country. I feel sad too. But we can’t just take this day for granted. So how do we celebrate this day?
Here is a list of 5 best Hindi patriotic songs of all time. These songs are patriotic and very motivating. Blast your speakers with these soundtracks. Play it loud! It’s nothing less than a celebration!

Best Hindi Patriotic Songs

Maa Tujhe Salaam

When we talk about patriotic songs. A.R. Rahman tops every list with his uplifting hair-raising track ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’. Go ahead! Salute your motherland with this song.

Yeh Jo Desh Hai Tera

‘Swades’ is a movie which clearly shows you the kind of love you should have for India. Resigning from NASA just to live in a village in India seems unrealistic but this is how it should be. Ask the NRIs!

Kandho Se Kandhe

This song really motivates me. The movie itself is extremely inspiring. Hrithik Roshan have exhibited a great form of acting in this movie. Tell me what you think of this song.

Ek Din Bik Jayega

Quite an old song but the lyrics speaks the future undoubtedly. One of my favourite. What about you?

Suno Gaur Se

This is song from an unfinished movie. But this song is epic. Both Sanjay and Salman dances along with our National Flag to the beats of this song. Really uplifting! Isn’t it?

We don’t usually listen to patriotic songs or celebrate that India is a free country. So let’s give our time to this day of Independence. Since you have listened to all the songs in this series by now, tell me if this list needs some addition.

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