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Ranbir Kapoor quick to praise Nargis Fakhri’s performance

Nargis Fakhri stormed into Bollywood with Imtiaz Ali’s romantic drama Rockstar which also featured Ranbir Kapoor in the male lead. Since then, the two actors have become really good friends. And recently, a special gesture from Ranbir was very much appreciated and boosted the spirits of the hot actress. After watching the promos of Nargis’ upcoming film, Madras Cafe which has John Abraham in the lead role, Ranbir praised her performance.

She’s been getting a really good feedback from Ranbir, Imtiaz and others. She says, “Ranbir said he was very proud and really happy for me. He said the promos are looking really good. I am very happy for that. In fact, even Imtiaz Ali appreciated my performance. I am getting lovely response for the trailer and I really appreciate everyone’s wishes”. 

Although Ranbir was quick to praise her performance, the actor’s hectic schedule and with her new movie coming up, the ‘good friends’ are not able to put up any time for each other.  “We are still in touch, but not as much as we used to be because we all know that he is super busy. Even I am a little tied up with my schedules. In fact, I am not been speaking to even my mom very often. We have so many responsibilities so it makes a little hard to meet up. But, when I see the person, we joke the way we always have and that is real friendship,” says the actor.

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