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Sylvester Stallone and now Steven Spielberg praises John Abraham

John Abraham- the hottest hunk of Bollywood claims that his physicality precedes acting when it comes to B’town.

When he was questioned about being the ‘hunk’ with a great body  in Bollywood, John stressed,  “Actually problem is that I did films like Water, Kabul Express and No Smoking also which were very different, but my physicality precedes acting.”

Giving an example of his experience outside India, John said, , “Water was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film and Steven Spielberg told me that my acting was good. However, when I came to India people told me that my body was looking good.”

“I have become producer to do films which I want to see and I want to show people that India can make different kind of films,” added the actor.

John believes that as an actor, it’s important to do different films. “In films like Madras Cafe it’s important to work on the character. Actors don’t want to take the risk which is necessary to do. I am doing films like Force 2 and Dostana too, but also have to do different films. I am happy with the risk,” concluded John.


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