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Minute by Minute Updates of Chennai Express – Read as it happens

Watch this movie to experience this adventure of Chennai Express!

8:30 pm: The whole village gathers to help the duo tussle away from the danger. And now they are back on the run. But we all know this isn’t the end. And we don’t want to play spoil sport.

8:25 pm: … And after a lovey dovey. No kidding. But Shahrukh storms out of the village leaving Deepika again. While he walks out, Deepika’s mangetar meets him and BOOM. Climax is finally here.

8:20 pm: Shahrukh and Deepika have to participate in a ritual for all the newly wed. Carrying their wife to a temple at a height of about 300 steps. And Shahrukh, being the king of romance that he is, does it and ignites that fire of love inside Deepika.

8:10 pm: The duo reach a village which is beautifully lit up in elation of a marriage and they both lie their way into the village saying they are two lovers on the run.

8:05 pm: The second half starts and as Shahrukh walks in the jungle, finding his way towards the highway, he meets a truck driver who tells him about the terror surmounting him and he meets Deepika again.


7:50 pm: They eventually evade the baddies and their car gives up. Shahrukh decides to part ways with Deepika to avoid trouble.

7:45 pm: But as expected he lands up in Deepika’s village where she is just about to get married. With some courage and wit, Shahrukh successfully runs with Deepika in a car chased by baddies. Some action, Rohit Sheety ishtyle.

7:40 pm: Shahrukh runs away from there and lands up sleeping in a boat which took off for Sri Lanka. The boat was being used for smuggling drugs by four thugs and Shahrukh gets caught with them by cops.

7:35 pm: Shahrukh meets the guy Deepika was supposed to marry. Poor Shahrukh who’s got no idea what the 6 foot guy is talking, accepts a fight challenge. 1,2,3,4 get on the dance floor starts, as Deepika and Shahrukh plan to run away from his chaos.

7:30 pm: Deepika and SRK meets Deepika’s dad, who is a big don in south India. Deepika lies to her dad that they are in love, only to get another chance to run away.

7:20 pm: Deepika explains the whole story to Shahrukh, in that ridiculous south Indian accent. And Shahrukh realizes the huge trouble he is in.

7:15 pm: Deepika has been kidnapped by four fat baddies in Chennai express and Shahrukh’s stuck with this scary company on a train.

7:10: pm: Shahrukh forgets his granddad’s ashes in a train he took, to scam his granny. In that process, he meets Deepika who looks crazy, btw! Shahrukh’s dialogues been the highlight yet!

Stupidity at its peak, ladies and gentlemen.

7:05 pm: So after they took us through his granddad’s everaging life and how he got out after a cardiac arrest, thanks to Sachin’s 99 runs jinx. Shahrukh and his friends have planned for a trip to Goa and to fulfill his granddad’s wish, 1/3rd of his ashes should go down in Rameshwaram.

7:00 pm: Okay! So we are going to get a continuous narration by Shahrukh Khan telling us how a huge twist came into his life and everything just turned upside down.

6:45 pm: So after a trailer spree, the movie is finally about to start. suhaagraat capsul

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