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7 college fashion trends you must ape from Bollywood celebs

Colleges and schools are on in full swing and while uniforms are mandatory for school going kids, the collegians can flaunt what they have. Taking a cue from our Bollywood celebs, we bring to you a few college basics you must own in your wardrobe.

Deepika Padukone’s skinny jeans

Bollywood celebs - deepika-padukone
No matter what your body type is, skinny jeans look sexy on everybody, no exceptions. Ms Padukone flaunts her sexy long legs in this style of jeans. all it does is flatter your lower body, giving it a smoother look. You can team them with either flats, heels and even sneakers.

Sameera Reddy goes the Neon way

Neon is the color of the season and it’s here to stay for quite sometime. You can brighten your dullest outfit with a tinge of this blinding color just like how Sameera Reddy did. Not necessarily there has to be neon in your clothing alone, you can simply carry a handbag in that color or may opt for accessories in the neon way or even team your outfit in a neon pair of footwear.

Sonakshi Sinha’s jegging style

Bollywood celebs
Jeggings are stretchy just like leggings, and fit really well, just like second skin. Sonakshi loves her comfy pants and are often seen donning the same. While jeggings give you the look of skinny jeans, it’s much more comfortable than denims and super trendy too. Opt for brighter colors to be a head turner in your college. If your on the bulky side, team your jegging with a long shirt or a top and go the Flip flop way to show off your cool and casual side.

Anushka Sharma’s Boyfriend jeans

Bollywood celebs
Anushka looks super comfy in her boyfriend denims. Boyfriend jeans gives you a relaxed style and as the same time chic and carefree look. Balance the volume on the bottom with a fitted top and if required, a belt.

Sonam Kapoor’s Jackets / Blazers

Bollywood celebs
Bollywood’s fashionista Sonam Kapoor shows you how to get the jacket/blazer style right. A coat definitely adds drama to your look. A lightweight jacket, plain or printed is a must own piece of clothing in your closet. It adds to your versatility, makes you stand out in the crowd and off course gives you a cool, chic and casual look.

Kangana Ranaut in thin stripes

Bollywood celebs
Stripes are very stylish and chic. Ms Ranaut, touted to be yet another fashion diva in Bollywood, wears her strips just right, making her look taller than she usually is. Pants, tops, dresses or skirts with thin stripes add to your height. Horizontal stripes widen your shape, hence avoid it.

Alia Bhatt’s headbands

Bollywood celebs
Headbands are the flavor of the season. They look super fun and can pep up any outfit. Take a cue from our super cute Alia Bhatt. The perfect accessory for an all girls nightout.

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