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Shahrukh Khan says finding a Hollywood role is very difficult for him

Shahrukh Khan insists he is not interested in doing a stereotypical role created for Asians in Hollywood. , Bollywood’s superstar says “to get a role not specific to my colour or the way I speak or act is very difficult”. 

Shahrukh has completed two decades in the Indian film industry and has featured in more than 80 movies. He’s earned the tag of a ‘superstar’ which could be his second name already. But the 47-year old actor has not featured in any international films yet.

His reach his worldwide and he’s famous everywhere in the world as he is in India but King Khan feels he doesn’t have the USP to work in Hollywood.
Asked what made him think so, he said: “I didn’t talk in terms of fan following.” 

“I think the kind of role I would want to do in a Hollywood film is one that makes India proud. To get a role like that is not specific to my colour, or the way I speak, look or act or my age, it’s very difficult,” SRK said.

“I mean you can’t go to a big filmmaking world and say write a role for a 47-year-old actor who is brown, has hair like this, acts this way, dances a bit… the role should be something that Indians should be proud of. It’s too specific for me to have a USP.

He however appreciated Indian faces who are doing well on the international arena.

“There are a few young boys and girls, who are doing really well internationally, and I pray they make it big,” he said.

Sharing his experience of working with Shetty, Shah Rukh said: “Rohit is fantastically organised. The best part about him is that he has a group of 200 trained people working under him. Rohit knows what he wants. He always delivers the best.”

Interestingly, in “Chennai Express” the name of Shah Rukh’s character is Rahul, a screen title he has donned in a string of hits.

He confesses to being a director’s actor.

“I’m a director’s actor. I belong to a world which directors create. I enjoy being with them in their world. I want the world to see me as an actor who moulds himself according to the character his director creates for him,” said Shahrukh Khan.

Like ‘Vijay’ for Amitabh, ‘Prem’ for Salman, you have ‘Rahul’ for Shahrukh and he will be seen donning the same name in Chennai Express. 

Bollywood is celebrating 100 years of cinema this year and has evolved with new filmmakers churning out new types of projects every now and then.
“There’s ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, ‘Barfi!’… all kinds of films are being made, which is good,” said Shah Rukh.

“There have always been all kinds of filmmakers who make films like ‘Iron Man’, ‘Batman’ and ‘Chak De! India’. It’s always parallel. When I did DDLJ, there was ‘Maya Memsaab’ too.”

“I always try to work on a different genre. I feel the industry has given me name, fame and money and I won’t ever forgive myself if I won’t do anything beneficial for Indian cinema and my fans.”

From being a romantic hero or playing a negative role, Shahrukh has shown his versatility throughout.
Asked how he is in real life, Shah Rukh said: “I am a little like all of them. There are parts and portions of me that you see in my characters also. If I play a father, I do it the way I would do it with my kids. If I play a lover, I behave the same way I am in real life. I would say I am a funny person but also gentle and kind.” heallthy man

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