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Aamir’s Dhoom3 to smash Shahrukh and Salman’s satellite rights record!

Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express was in the news for it’s satellite rights of the movie which has been acquired by a new channel End Films owned by Zee group for Rs 40 crores. The record for the highest satellite rights of a movie still belongs to Salman Khan’s Dabangg 2(Rs 44 crores) and now it’s been reported that the channel will pay more if Aamir’s Dhoom3 film crosses the Rs 100 crore mark.

But here’s the big news. Colours and Sony are looking to bag the rights of Aamir Khan’s upcoming and most awaited movie, Dhoom 3. The price that the two channels offering are .. wait for it… a WHOOOPING Rs 75 crore! That’s right.

Dhoom 3 under YRF is a huge franchise which has seen immense amount of success earlier and the third part already carries great reports. Aamir Khan known as the perfectionist has certainly gone out of his way to prove a point. He learnt swimming for 2 months just because he had a few underwater scenes in the movie. Playing the villain for the first time, much is expected from this man and you can surely expect him to deliver.
Adds an industry insider, “Aamir has surpassed himself with this film. He is an perfectionist and always pushes himself to the limits but this time it looks like he is out to prove a point. He has paid equal attention to the romance part in the film as well. he rehearsed for two months for one song in the film! Now that’s dedication.”

Dhoom 3 will also showcase Aamir and Katrina for the first time together on-screen and the actress who’s been labelled as the lucky lady, will be seen sporting a bikini for the first time. (Of course, we’re completely ignoring the cosmopolitan 2002 issue and the latest pictures in Ibiza)..

A source said, “Aamir is supremely confident about Dhoom 3. He has been heard telling people that if there’s one film that can touch Rs300 crore it is Dhoom 3 and everyone knows Aamir never talks loose.”

The studio has spent Rs150 crore in the making of this film. Rafique Gangjee from YRF says, “The Dhoom franchise, like all our films, is very dear to us. Dhoom 3, which releases this Christmas, is the most anticipated film of the year. In the years to come, we certainly look forward to more Dhoom sequels.” Trade analyst Komal Nahata says, “Prior to Chennai Express, the film which fetched the highest price for telecast rights on the tube was Dabangg 2 which fetched Rs44-45 crore.” However, Komal says he hasn’t heard about what price that Dhoom 3 is fetching, “I do know that Colours and Sony are vying for it but the market forces wouldn’t justify that. A more real estimate would be Rs55-58 crore. 

online pharmacy 180 day prescriptions Dhoom 3 is a very exciting film and it will get the highest price till date. It will get a better price than Chennai Express as every new film breaks the records of its predecessor.”

Jayantilal Gada, CMD of Pen India, the agency that acquires satellite rights for End Films confirms, “The price for satellite rights of Chennai Express is Rs40 crore plus and not Rs48 crore as reported. The price is Rs40 crore plus for seven years, with a link to box office performance. I am not in competition to buy the satellite rights of Dhoom 3, so I don’t know how much the satellite rights are being negotiated for. YRF always sells their satellite rights to Sony. It can’t be true that Colours is competing for it. If YRF is getting Rs75 crore for the satellite rights, it is a huge price. Both the prices of Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 are not justified as because of different channels vying to buy the rights, the price gets inflated.”


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