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A Day In The Life Of Deepika Padukone

Deepika yoga

A perfect start to my day.

Its 6am on a cool Mumbai morning… *Beep* “Good Morning sweet heart!” *smiles and text’s back*.. “Have a lovely day, you!”… And I’m off for a jog. No matter who you are, if health isn’t your best friend then you are missing someone very important in your life..!!! Time for my asanas, breathing exercises and stretching, with my trainer, Abhishek Sharma. Ah! I love this. It makes me feel so fresh and active… And my phone rings. It’s a reminder from Radio Mirchi. Got to be at their office at 4pm!

Breakfast time!! When you have the advantage of not putting on weight naturally, one tends to love their breakfast! I usually have a normal breakfast which consists of 2 egg whites and a glass of low fat milk. To keep up with my energy levels, I have small meals all day round. By the way, you’l see a lot of food when you are around me. Hmm, you can call me a ‘chalta phirta’ food court. *giggle*

9am already!! Im all set to start my day. Got to transform myself from a normal momma’s girl to the star everyone wants to meet!

Deepika & Shahrukh khan

Oh! He smells so good!

Off late, I am starting my days with the excitement of the release of Chennai Express. Shahrukh Khan is such an amazing actor. Being with him is like having fun with your kindergarten school friend. He is just so full of energy. To make things even more awesome, there is Rohit Shetty, another prankster to the core *giggles*.

On my way to Rohit Shetty’s office now. I just hope there is no bucket of water on top of the door cos I love the outfit I am wearing! Oh by the way, I’m dressed in a pair of black palazzo pants with a white top and a Rahul Khanna and Rohit Gandhi’s designed shimmer jersey style jacket. Oh how much I love me and my style. *smiles*

Gosh! The traffic sure makes your day drag. Finally reached Rohits place. Just to give you an obvious hint, we are going to discuss about the promotions of Chennai Express. I’ll be meeting Shahrukh too. Its around 10:15am and I have finished my oranges in the car. So guess we will meet again at lunch. Make sure you save up your appetite. Now shhh, meet you soon! *Door closes*

Deepika Padukone, Srk and Rohit

I’m their ‘bali ka bakara’, ALWAYS.

Hehehe.. these guys are so amazingly funny. One can never sit quiet in a room with Rohit and Shahrukh, its just not possible. And as always, I’m their ‘bali ka bakara’. Why? Why I ask!!! I like it, though! *wink wink*

Anyway, done with my meeting and heading back home for lunch. When in Mumbai, no matter which part of the city I am, my stomach drags me home, you know, for obvious reasons.. Ya, if I’m shooting, then sometimes that’s not possible. But I do make it a point to carry home cooked food to my sets.

Ah! I can already smell food at my doorstep. Oh! By the way, my cook Kanta behen has the best hand in the world. Her khaana is better than any 5-star restaurant food I’m forced to have almost daily. Hey! Did you know, I love cooking too? Well, yes! I think, its simply relaxing, and my speciality is Bassa Fish.

A typical south Indian lunch you will find in my plate. A cup of rice, dal, rasam and pickle. Pickle is the base of most of my home lunches, I can’t resist it. What a scrumptious meal. See, I told you my Kanta behen is the best cook. Hmm, I so feel like taking a nap now, but it already 2pm and I got to get ready for the Radio Mirchi event. Phone rings… Yay! It’s my bff! Meeting her over dinner tonight. So excited!

Radio interviews are great.. In fact, the best I guess, coz you don’t have to put on too much of make up and I can dress into the most comfortable outfit, my shorts and a tee. Oh! I almost forgot to practice my sweet tone speaking. Agrr! I can never perfect this!

Ranbir and Katrina in Spain

Been there done that. Next….

It’s 3:15 pm and I’m off to the FM office. Thank God, the traffic is relatively less now. Looking out of the window, I always wonder if I could ever work in an MNC or a normal 9-5 job. Phew! I love my job! It gives me a constant adrenaline rush… A little Facebook hojaye.. Lol! FB’s flooded with the whole Ranbir-Katrina saga. Sometime the media goes over board with detailing. Why cant people leave them alone??? I have left them alone! Thank God no one can read my mind right now! Deepika calm down! Cool, cool! Phew! Let me gulp down a few almonds before I reach the place. My 4pm snack, you see. Ah! I like these new memes. They are so hilarious. I guess its a matter of time before I am targeted by them.

Radio Mirchi office it is! *Thinking* A warm welcome with dark chocolates, ah! I’m loving it… These instructions are just getting too much for me. Come to think of it, facing the camera is much more easier that the mike. Anyway, thank god I love to talk. Makes it a little easier now.

Deepika Padukone Radio Mirchi Event

Facing the camera is so much more fun..

Interacting with fans makes me feel so loved and wanted. It’s always fun. Makes me wonder sometimes, if I really deserve all this. But why do they want to know about my personal life? Can’t they just focus on my movie? Anyway, finally done with the whole drama. Autograph time. Ah! these crazy fans. Oh! Got to put on my best dimpled smile. *Thinking* Someday I will insure my smile!

Back in my car, finally heading home. I hope I sounded good during the interview. Talking about Chennai Express make me want to shoot for the film all over again. I so loved every part of the journey. Beep, beep, beep! My lovilies! “you looked so ravishing at the event”. Already!! What would I have done without my friends? They are always there to up my spirits. I’m truly blessed.

Home sweet home! Time for some news. What??? Andhra Pradesh splits? Andhra and Telangana?? 29 states now!! My God! Have I missed too much?? Beep!… Ahhhh! Message from designer Tarun Tahilian to be the showstopper for his collection at the Delhi Fashion Week! Hmm! Let me check my dates. Oh no! I have a packed schedule on that day. Tring tring… Uff!!! Wish I could just get rid of this phone.

deepika & priyanka

Best Friends forever!

Oh it’s Priyanka. Gosh! completely forgot about our dinner date.

‘Dome’ at Marine drive it is! I love that restaurant. So excited to catch up with Piggy. Hmm, what do I wear, what do I wear? Yes! I’l just slip into this black sweet heart dress and… maybe flipflops. It’s just a casual dinner ya!

Off to Piggy’s place to pick her up…. Waow! Priyanka is glowing. Maybe the secret is the success of her latest music album ‘Exotic’… Oh good Lord! I hope this crazy chick doesn’t make me change my callertune to her song, like last time. ‘In My City’ number was my caller tune for almost a month, damn it. Nevertheless, Im super happy for her…

And we reach the venue. I think ill go for Thai tonight. The food is so yummmm! Just couldn’t resist the dessert!

Meeting Piggy Chops was like the best thing today.. I’m for sure going to use that make up tip she gave me. She actually was glowing… And I’m home.

Oh no! It’s 10 pm already, I got to call mom and dad…. Gosh! How terribly I miss them. Finally got to speak to Anisha today. This little girl seems to be so busy with her golf practice, day and night.

10:45pm it is, my super cozy bed beckons!I feel like listening to Lataji’s music. *Humming* Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh….

deepika without makeup

Wonder, why didn’t I bag the ‘Santoor’ ad!

Oh no! my makeup remover is almost over. Have no choice but to open my imported one. Ah! It feels so nice and fresh. Next time, maybe I should buy a whole case of it from New York… A glass of warm water and I’ll be done for the day.

Off to bed. Thank you God! Sigh! What a lovely day it was. Good night people!

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  1. Bollywood Actress

    September 15, 2013 at 1:36 am

    Wow! Deepika maintain such things every day. I never realized that. Thanks for sharing.


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