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5 Bollywood celebrities who come from broken homes

A family that eats together stays together. But this is not the case with a few Bollywood celebrities. Hollywood diva, Jennifer Aniston, after her divorce from Brad Pitt, during an interview, broke down as recounted about her father moving out of the house when she was barely nine years old. When we see these actors on the big screen, one would assume that their real lives too are near perfect. But in reality, not all spheres of their lives are as it seems. Here’s a list of Bollywood celebrities who come from broken homes.

Kareena Kapoor

Yes! She seems to have a perfect life. Kareena’s got the name, the fame, the looks and off course a life partner to die for. But as the saying goes; “All That glitters isn’t gold”, the beautiful actress comes from a broken home. Her mother Babita, who continues to stay married to Randhir Kapoor, walked out with both her daughters in the late 80s’. Apparently, this had to do with Randhir not being very serious about his career and the first signs of his alcoholism.

Farhan Akthar

Son of Javed Akthar and Honey Irani, Farhan had a rough journey during his parents divorce. Apparently, Javed’s affair with Shabana Azmi was the reason for the cracks in their marriage. Now, although Farhan shares a good equation with his step mom, his scares can never heal.

Shruti Hassan

Kamal Haasan’s has never ever committed to one woman, till date. His philandering ways have been open to one and all. Once married to Sarika, the couple split when the latter got to know about Kamal’s affairs with other actresses. They are yet to divorce. Apparently, in the midst of all the turmoil, their daughter Shruti Hassan went through a lot.

Arjun Kapoor

This young talent has gone through heaps in life. Arjun was only 11 years old, when he saw his parents go seperate ways. Boney Kapoor divorced his ex wife, late Mona as he was in love with actress Sridevi who was already pregnant with their first child. Arjun continued to stay with hs mom and supported her through thick and thin.

Katrina Kaif

All was not rosy in Katrina’s kingdom too. The gorgeous actress never got to experience fathers love. Apparently, Kats parents parted ways when the former was a little girl. The actress confesses, “When I see friends who have wonderful fathers who are like pillars of support for their families, I say, if only I had that.”

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