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Ranveer Singh drifting his career towards script-writing

His acting skills have been lauded by everybody now and he is surely on his way to become a superstar sooner or later but now Ranveer Singh is drifitng towards script-writing. Our sources told us that the actor has been working on a script since a while and has Sonakshi Sinha’s manager Bhakti Nihlani to thank. 

A source says, “Ranveer always had the knack of creative writing from his school days. He’s also worked in two major ad agencies as a copywriter and even attended university in the US to study the subject. He had been working on another script but a different film somewhat on the same lines released, stalling his own plans.”

While the actor was travelling for the promotional events of Lootera along with Bhakti, he had this idea and received good feedback from renowned directors like Shaad Ali, Vikramaditya Motwane and Sameer Sharma. Ranveer’s friends suggest that the story is about an aspiring mind’s journey into Bollywood exploring the relationship between media and society. 

The source adds, “He is developing the screenplay into a dialogue draft. He also wants to remake a film and write the screenplay for it.” Ranveer’s spokesperson confirmed our story and added, “It is too early to say what it is all about.” 


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  1. Bobby Khan

    March 23, 2014 at 4:23 pm

    This guy Ranveer is turning into a maniac….he has no sharam or haya. I guess the cut throat urge to earn money will turn anyone into a robot. We have female genders in our family close knit family way of Indian life. These actors should have enough sensibility to protect our Indian culture.

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