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SRK plans iftaar party and invites Salman Khan

We are all well aware of what happened at MLA Baba Siddiqui’s iftaar party. The two Bollywood hotshots shook hands and hugged each other and finally Karan-Arjun were reunited!

Guys in tinsel town were celebrating and just when they were about to declare that fateful day a national holiday, Sohail Khan decided to be the party pooper and said that the hug was just formal and Sallu bhai would never be friends with SRK again! Ever! His words were “They just greeted each other. There is nothing more to it.” Damn! I was heartbroken after reading that statement!

But!!! The latest word on the street is, both the guys have decided to sober up and take this friendship forward! Isn’t that wonderful? If that’s really true, Bollywood would no longer be divided into two camps!!

Another rumour that’s doing the rounds is, Shahrukh Khan and wifey are throwing a huge iftaar party and have invited Salman Khan (he is probably the chief guest). Gauri Khan has already started making plans and is looking into the preparations and is making sure that party is a very grand affair.

Now the biggest question. While everyone is preparing for the party and the tabloids are gearing up for the masale-daar scoop, will the angry man, Sallu turn up for the party? What do you guys think?

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