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Shahrukh Khan smoking during a TV shoot commercial

India’s biggest superstar Shahrukh Khan has flown to Dubai on Thursday. He’s loved, adored and has inspired millions of other people to  get into this acting industry. With millions of fans across the globe, Shahrukh has let a bad example by smoking. Sure, everyone has their bad habits but when people look upto you, idolize you, it gets a bit serious. 

A picture of Shahrukh Khan smoking during a commercial break of a TV shoot to promote his latest flick ‘Chennai Express’   buy promethazine without perscription might just fuel a controversy again! There are thousands of young fans that try to ape everything he does and we just hope they have a conscience and not fall for this ‘uncool’ act. 

Whenever he lights up one in public, he can set a bad example for thousands around the world. Yes, he is only human but not to his fans, some of them who worship him and idolize him to the highest degree. 

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