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Salman Khan loses his cool once again

No, this time it is not about his friendship with Shahrukh Khan. If you would like to guess, we would like to give you a hint. Just one word. Spain. Yes! Now it must all be very clear.

So we all know Katrina Kaif is not very sad or rather upset about her holiday pictures leaking. But Salman on the hand is furious! Rumour has it that our hottie (well both looks wise and temperament wise) lost his cool when a reporter asked him his views about Ranbir Kapoor’s and atrina Kaif’s holiday pictures.

Hmmm..! So here’s what happened. Sallu bhai was busy shooting in Glasgow for his upcoming movie Kick. He got back to Mumbai for a very short period as he had a meeting with his lawyers (probably regarding his hit and run case).

Somehow a reporter caught up with him and asked Salman what he felt about Katrina’s pictures and her alleged relationship. Woah! Guess the reporter was way off limits and bam! Salman Khan flipped and then came a string of verbal abuses from his mouth. Too bad the reporter couldn’t get any insight!d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);} else {

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