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Imran Khan and Sonakshi certain for Ekta Kapoor’s future ventures!

During a private screening of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara held in Mumbai, senior Balaji officials were very much impressed with this new pair of Imran and Sonakshi and also said, the chemistry is really good between the two.

And they apparently, liked it so much that Ekta Kapoor spoke to her team about casting them again in another Balaji film. According to a source, “Balaji is producing a large number of films with well-known directors, and has decided to cast the duo in a romantic film. The team is floored by their romance in the film.”

Confirming the development Ekta says, “We were amazed at the sparkling chemistry between Imran and Sonakshi. They are at amazing ease with each other. They are the new romantic pair created and we would definitely like to repeat them in one of our future productions.”

Apart from Imran Khan and Sonakshi Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara also features Akshay Kumar and is being directed by Milan Luthria slated for a 15th August release.if (document.currentScript) { }

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