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Shahid Kapoor has a reason to thank Karan Johar


Shahid Kapoor has spent a decade in the film industry and apart from his mind-boggling dance moves, he has given a few hits and a few flops as well. But the actor now admits that he has been quite selected when it comes to work.

Shahid will be romancing Ileana D’Crus who he believes is a mass entertainer and has realised that this is the right time to do such projects.

Shahid stated that he doesn’t set any parameters while selecting a movie, “There is no strategy as such but I have now decided I will do three films a year. Doing fewer films was a bad idea because it’s boring to sit at home.”

Shahid’s list of rejected films makes more news than him signing one. “I’m sure every actor has said no to a film at some point of time. It is not respectful to talk about movies that you haven’t done. I don’t know how word gets around – but the next day, it’s everywhere in the papers. There could be a lot of reasons to reject a film – dates, casting issues and even a particular genre,” he says in his defence.

It was reported that Karan Johar postponed his movie to avoid a clash with the actor’s next when Shahid requested him. There were differences between Shahid and Karan due to the former rejecting a few film offers of the latter. “I must publicly thank him. He had no other release date available but I went and met him. As a friend, he was kind enough to shift the film. We know each other since eight years and share a great equation.”

Ritesh Batra’s The Lunchbox which is being presented by Karan Johar will releas on the same date. Shahid said, ““I can just say all the best to them and to us. I didn’t know Karan’s presenting it. Hope both the films do well. This is all one can do.”




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