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Katrina Kaif’s got no place to stay in Mumbai!


This must come as something you wouldn’t believe but Katrina Kaif still hasn’t got her own house in Mumbai. The actress is still in the hunt for her dream house but I wonder what is actually taking her so long to get one?

While her colleagues Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are lavishly living in their expensive villas, Katrina is still in search of her ‘perfect’ house while she spends her days living in her rented apartment in Bandra.
This habit seems to be irking those who have been helping her find her dream home,” a source is quoted as saying.Katrina is quite superstitious and that’s what stopped her from buying a house a while ago after she liked a property.

Superstitious how, you ask? She had received an SMS in an elevator which informed her the death of famous actor which led her to dtop the plan of buying the flat as she thought the day started off in the most awkward way. 

Katrina’s spokesperson confirms that she’s searching for a really grand house and due to her busy acting schedule, she hasn’t made her mind up yet.

But the actress has invested in several properties in London and hopes to buy a house in Mumbai soon! Now, does it make you think that she’s waiting to shift in with her present boyfriend Ranbir? Now that is something Rishi Kapoor would have a problem with maybe. But Ranbir was heard saying he’s looking to experience a live-in relationship! Let’s just wait and see! Either way, you’ll have some spicy stuff to ponder upon.

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