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Alia Bhatt says Sonam Kapoor and Big B are the most fashionable

Alia Bhatt stormed into Bollywood as one of the most promising actresses in Bollywood and has went on to become a style icon for the youth. Her killers looks and personality has left many in awe. When she walked the ramp to show off her slender figure in a shimmery gown to present Azva’s new bridal jewellery collection, she sure left a few men speechless. 

Irrespective of the applause she received, the actress did admit to being a bundle of nerves when she walked the ramp. “Honestly, I was very nervous because this was the first time that I walking the ramp. I thought I would fall any moment. I’m really happy as nothing of that sort happened,” she chuckles.

Alia, who debuted as a model at India Bridal Fashion Week, which concluded on July 28, would be happy to rule the runway at Paris Fashion Week. “It would be great if I get to walk the ramp for Paris Fashion Week. However, I don’t think I can even make it because I don’t have the required height and body type which models are expected to flaunt. But if it happens, it would be great,” she says.

When asked if she looks upto someone in Bollywood when it comes to being a style icon, she said, ““Sonam Kapoor is outstanding when it comes to fashion. I really like her sense of style. And it is true that Sonam has inspired me a lot. I adore Siddharth Malhotra for calling me the most stylish Bollywood actress. Frankly, I don’t consider myself stylish. For me, it is all about fun,”

If Sonam is a style diva for her, no actor can beat Mr Bachchan at dressing fashionably, without losing his class. “Among the actors, I find Mr Bachchan super stylish. I think he just kills everyone with his style sense. And if there is any other actor who comes closest to him in terms of immaculate style, it is Siddharth Malhotra. The best way to flatter him is by saying he shares striking similarity with Mr Bachchan. Whether it is his height or the voice, it is so much like Mr Bachchan,” she says.

Even though this young actress has a lot of achieve before she decides to tie the knot, she is quite sure of wearing a lehenga desgined by Manish Malhotra for her wedding!  “I don’t know if I will ever get married, but yes the day it happens, I will be wearing his ensemble.”

She also doesn’t rule out the possibility of marrying someone from the same industry unlike other actresses. “When you are with a person, you don’t think about their profession. Instead, you fall for him/her for the way they are. In my case, it can be anybody – an actor, diver, or an entrepreneur. Connecting with that someone special on a personal level is more important,” she says.


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