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Salman asked Rohit Shetty for screening of Chennai Express

Shahrukh and Salman have covered every news page since their controversial hug at an iftar party last week. And while they hugged, people cried, they wept, not in joy and not because their gossip columns will see considerable downward slope but because they couldn’t figure what actually happened! Probably because they could never get the right answer or maybe the right question itself! Have they cleared all the misunderstandings? Are they friends again? Or was it just an Eid Mubarak greet?

Aamir Khan has expressed his ‘delight’ over this gesture and has said, “It feels really nice when people clear the misunderstandings and become friends in this holy month of Ramadan”.  when will viagra prices go down

According to our sources, Salman Khan has asked Rohit Shetty for a special screening of Chennai Express for him! Now isn’t that cool? That certainly looks like a friendly gesture for real! And we hope this revived friendship grows and grows into something so huge that we might just see Karan-Arjun 2! NOT!



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