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Priyanka launches milkshakes to promote her song!

We’ve all heard the new song of Priyanka Chopra which also features International rapper Pitbull and it has been named as ‘Exotic’. 

I don’t know if you liked the song but if you like Milkshakes you’ll love Exotic! Atleast that’s what Priyanka Chopra thinks. She’s going to launch her own milkshake at the West Hollywood branch of Millions of Milkshakes and she has named it as …that’s right. The Exotic Shake! That looks like a ridiculously desperate attempt to become a bonafide international pop star. Agreed she looks frigging hot in her official video but launching a milkshake in order to gain publicity? The phrase beauty with brains remains a myth.

Her first single, In My City which also features couldn’t garner any hits with the Americans though she had around 5,000 downloads on iTunes. The video has nothing but a bizarre use of auto-tune and you’ll see one hot chick walking towards you moving her lips. Very interesting, right? Oh yes, and then you have and considering his lyrics, he looks in a hurry to take Priyanka on a ride!

Let’s hope she doesn’t hop into the car and drive around the USA launching milkshakes. Seriously, what’s next? The Exotic Donuts? Please miss Chopra, come back to Bollywood and continue with your films. We’d rather remember you for Saath Khoon Maaf but definitely not your shakes!



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