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Poonam Pandey: People ready to accept pornstar but not me!

Poonam Pandey has finally made it big into Bollywood after all the controversial tweets, scandalous pictures and the shower video which had went completely viral. She has ten people behind her helping her with the interviews, marketing strategies and everything else. But she’s short of one thing which everybody yearns for and that’s family love! The poor actress has been targetted by political parties for her outrageous movie poster where she covers only her private parts with a pair of pluckards.

A political party has been pulling down the posters of her debut film Nasha. Poonam is a little hurt. “This has hurt me. I don’t normally allow  myself to get affected. But I never expected I’d be targeted this way for my first film.It has made me nervous .I knew I wouldn’t be welcomed with open arms into cinema. I’ve no godfather, no support from the industry. But I didn’t expect to be welcomed in this way. What have I done that is so scandalous?”
She lashes out at the hypocrisy of showbiz. clomid and epo together before iui “I don’t think I’ve ever crossed limits.I’ve always said more than I’ve done. I’ve seen so many posters and hoardings that are far more suggestive than mine. My posters have nothing scandalous in them. I haven’t shown my private parts.”
Poonam admits she is nervous because of  the negative attention. “People in this country give so much respect to a hardcore porn actress from abroad.Whereas I have never done anything that can be considered pornographic. Mere jaisi bechari si lakdi ko target kiya jaa rahi hai. I have never crossed limits. Nasha is not a porn film. It’s a proper mainstream Hindi film.Of course since I star in it there’s skin show. But that apart there is a lot to take away from the film.”

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