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Shahrukh Khan overwhelmed at Kolkata!

When Shahrukh Khan went to promote his movie Chennai Express he was overwhelmed by the turnout. He was so surprised by the reception he got, he said he didn’t want to leave his favourite city! The actor said, “I love you Kolkata…I mean this is extremely overwhelming. I tour the whole country for my films but when I come here…this is.. you need to pass a law here that you adopt me and keep me here. I don’t want to go from here,”

Shahrukh Khan was received by thousands of fans who didn’t care about the rains and stood there just to get a little glimpse of the actor. Shahrukh Khan is the part-owner of the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders and has a huge following from the city. Thanking the fans he said, “Thank you for supporting the cricket team, Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo”.

Like his mere presence was not enough, SRK had a surprise for the huge crowd. He waved and threw flowers at the crowd and was once again surprised by the response. Fans started to rush in a movie forward to get hold of one single rose for which SRK said, “be careful..don’t fight.”

That wasn’t it. Shahrukh Khan also performed on the popular number, one two three four, from his upcoming movie Chennai Express. HE was dressed in a grey shirt and a black hat with a hat that he donned in the movie.

Here is a video which Shahrukh Khan posted on his facebook page :

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