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Sanjay Dutt sends a gift to Manyata on her birthday!


Sanjay Dutt has sent his wife Manyata a really sweet gift from inside the jail. On her birthday, Manyata was pleased to receive a red rose and a beautifully written poem from her husband Sanjay Dutt and was completely blown away by this uber-romantic gesture.

According to reports, a source close to the couple said, “It’s been more than two months that Sanju has been in Yerawada Jail but he has been counting the days to Maana’s birthday. One day Sanju saw a red rose blooming in the jail small garden, and even though it was many days to her birthday, he plucked the rose as it was rare. He took it back to his cell, dried it in between pages of a book. He also wrote a beautiful love poem and sent it along with the rose. It takes a few days for letters to reach so he counted the number of days and posted it last Tuesday.”

The source also was reported saying, “The simple gesture and the thought and love behind it, left her in tears. She just couldn’t hold back her emotions. Every Saturday, Dutt’s lawyer meets him in jail. When he came to meet Sanju on July 20, Maana had passed on the message that she received his letter and rose. Sanjay and Manyata exchange letter to each other everyday. When the lawyer relayed the message, Sanju too got emotional and couldn’t hold back his tears,”

Both of them seem to share a very romantic relationship and they make it a point to write a letter to each other everyday even if they’re completely exhausted.

The source had also added, “She jots down the day’s events as if she were speaking to him on the phone. Sanju and Maana don’t want to miss a precious minute that they are away from each other. Maana also sends letters written by family and friends to him.”

We just wish the couple all the happiness and hope they can cope with this troublesome phase with ease.

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