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Vidya Balan enjoys acting and living another life

Vidya Balan started her career as a bespectacled teenager, Radhika in Ekta Kapoor’s Hum Panch. It wasn’t a easy ride, but she did not give up and that’s what we like most about her! She has done all kinds of role. A single mother in Paa and a sex symbol in The Dirty Picture. One would wonder what kept her going and why she kept choosing all the off-beat and unconventional roles? Well the answer is.. She likes to play different characters as it allows her to lead different lives, allows her to transform into someone else.

In an recent interview with the IANS, she said, “I don’t think it (acting) is about proving oneself. It is about inhibiting another person’s world, one you have not been in before. I think as an actor, living a person’s life is exciting.”

In her last movie Ghanchakkar, she donned the character of a chubby Punjabi wife with a loud unusual dressing sense. Her take on her role and the movie? She says, “There is also a part of them, which I connect with. My character in ‘Ghanchakkar’ is not someone who I could identify with her initially, but the point of identification was that she was just happy with herself. I might not be happy with myself all the time, but I love people like that. You find that point of identification with the character.”

Ghanchakkar might not have hit jackpot at the box office, but the movie was widely appreciated by the critics and her portrayal won accolades. There isn’t a movie where the critics don’t appreciate Vidya, but that doesn’t mean she goes on clod 9, she instead finds appreciation very humbling. She says, “I feel humbled when people say that. I am just doing work, which I believe in. In ‘Ghanchakkar’, Sanju (Emraan Hashmi) was the central character. I was not the protagonist. I was ok with it as I love the character. I don’t have set notions and don’t take on that kind of pressure. My only dream was to be an actor and I am living my dream to the fullest,”

That says a lot about the work and dedication she puts in!

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